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Developing JIRA Plugins Using Nodejs

Developing a plugin for JIRA is such a pain but we have better way to develop plugins using nodejs. If you are a web developer or node developer, its just a piece of cake of you. We will develop a plugin which shows time in our webpanel view. W... read more

Optimizing Static Content in Django

In any web project whether it is a static or a dynamic one of the main headache for developers is to compress static files and serve them without affecting the page load time. There are compressors like YUIcompressor, Yuglify and many... read more

Looping in JavaScript
19, Feb 2015 07:31 AM

Looping is one of the important features of programming languages, as we know it and we are seeing it from "C", where many programming languages implemented same syntax in their languages  and the same happened with javascript. At present ... read more

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